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Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths. Lung and liver cancers were among the top three leading causes of cancer death in 2020 with 1.8 million and 830.000 deaths, respectively. On the other hand, soft tissue sarcomas are relatively uncommon cancers diagnosed in about 1% of all adults, but much more common in children and young adults, accounting for 7–10% of paediatric malignancies; they are an important cause of death in the 14–29 years age group.

IMAGIO will leverage IO in the clinical setting to improve the cancer survival outcomes, through minimally invasive, efficient, and affordable care pathways for three disease states: liver cancer, lung cancer and sarcoma. In IMAGIO, top innovators in MedTech and Pharma and expert academic clinical centres will mature the next-generation IO imaging across the full spectrum, from pre-clinical developments to impact validation in clinical trials.

IMAGIO Work Package

IMAGIO will deliver both the technology and the critical mass of early evidence to make IO part of the standard clinical care pathway to cancer treatment in Europe by 2030. The solution concept relies on the development and integration of key enabling imaging technologies and approaches in four multimodal care pathways.

Advanced multi-modal imaging technologies

AI-based image processing for diagnosis and treatment planning

Imaging-based guidance during treatment delivery

Clinical validation and integration in novel care pathways

Partners from MedTech, Pharma, technical and clinical research institutions

Technology building blocks for redefining disease state care pathways

Work Package 1
Use case requirements and benchmarking

Work Package 2
Multimodal imaging for radioembolization therapy for liver cancer

Work Package 3
Multimodal ablation therapy for liver cancer

Work Package 4
Multimodal diagnosis and therapy in early-stage lung cancer

Work Package 5
Multimodal MR-HIFU-enabled therapy for sarcoma

Work Package 6
Integration towards clinical pathways

Work Package 7
Dissemination and exploitation

Work Package 8
Project management

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